Help people see the big picture. Donate to Picture Earth and put Earth From Above in the school or library of your choice.



Through a generous contribution from Abrams, the United States book publisher, you can arrange to gift the limited edition Earth From Above book to a school or library of your choice.


Your cash donation (equivalent to the book price plus shipping at to Picture Earth will help make the Earth From Above public art exhibition tour free for every visitor. Donate today, and Abrams will thank you by permanently placing this limited edition book in your favorite school or library at no additional cost.


This valuable, oversized edition is special because:

  • Each aerial photography spread measures just over five feet
  • The book is bound in printed cloth
  • It is signed by the author and numbered
  • Its gorgeous wooden box is engraved and becomes its own tabletop display stand
  • It features 100 of the photographer's best-loved images, including unpublished work



Since the inception of Earth From Above in 1990, Arthus-Bertrand has worked to bring into focus both the beauty of our planet, its fragility and our collective responsibility to preserve it. His powerful aerial photography and insightful commentary helps to bring clarity into humanity's duty to our home: the Earth.

Price: $2,000.00 (includes free UPS Ground shipping)

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Tax-Deductible Giving

Please consult your tax advisor to learn how tax benefits may apply. Donations to Picture Earth, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, will be tax-deductible upon confirmation of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, expected in 2010. Contributors who are interested in immediate confirmation of their tax deduction can make special arrangements through Picture Earth's non-profit fiscal sponsor, Matter of Trust, Inc., by calling Picture Earth at 646-205-4125.


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