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About Us

Empowering People. Loving Planet.
Picture Earth


Picture Earth is the first and leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to using art to empower the general public toward sustainable living.



Picture Earth uses art as a means of inspiring and teaching people to take personal responsibility for our world's future and to make better, more sustainable living choices.


Picture Earth works to help people see their ability to take responsibility for our planet by using art as a public education platform for sharing solutions and better personal choices for a more sustainable way of life. The medium through which “it all clicks,” art serves as the point of inspiration (motivation) to catalyze commitment (decision) and inclination (mindfulness) toward more sustainable behavior (action).


Americans tend to make changes at their own pace once they can see what is possible. Through Picture Earth's programs, it is our feeling that we can begin to help change the way many people think about sustainability and cultivate a more responsible global citizenship practiced by individuals who realize their true impact by making easy, personal choices to live a greener life.


Picture Earth was originally founded by Sivan Schlecter and Chantal Buard in 2007, with the support of Emerge Studio, Sabrina Riddle, and team of advisors, to help environmental artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand launch his call for sustainable living with the American public.


In 2009, Picture Earth incorporated as a non-profit entity. Picture Earth is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the objective to serve the public good by launching programs that employ art to inspire a sensibility shift toward sustainable living.


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