School Poster Program

Sponsorship dollars will help launch a national education initiative. Picture Earth will work with GoodPlanet to produce and distribute an Earth From Above poster kit adapted for the American market, already in use across 50,000 schools in France. Displayed in classrooms, the workplace and community destinations, this free set of posters explains the need for sustainable development from the perspectives of beauty, awe and connectedness to inspire individual responsibility for our global environmental, social and economic challenges. Poster kits will be available at and key partner outlets. Let us know if you would like to participate.


The French Poster Program Story


10 million children, parents and teachers across 50,000 schools
22 images from Earth From Above on permanent display
every year


GoodPlanet has worked in collaboration with the French Ministry for Education and Research and the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development to set up the exhibition "Sustainable Development, What For?". This educational project aimed to distribute a kit of 22 posters to all French schools across the country, regardless of size or level (primary, secondary or high school). The exhibition illustrates current environmental and social issues to pave the way for tomorrow's world. The posters focus on the need to respect human diversity and our natural resources' wealth, and feature select photographs from "Earth From Above" (La Terre Vue du Ciel). The photographs come with educational comments that provide teaching support for creative workshops on sustainable development. Teachers can use these posters to design their own events as a means to school students in the concept of sustainable development. Posters are displayed on a permanent basis in participating schools.


French poster kit contents:


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