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6 Billion Others - The Voice of the Planet

Created at the beginning of 2003, "6 billion others" aims to create a sensitive and human portrait of the planet's inhabitants.

6 billion others tries to draw a portrait of contemporary mankind by asking questions about universal values. What is happiness? What lessons can we learn from life's difficulties? What is the meaning of life?


The objective of the project is to attempt to reaveal each person's universality and individuality. To achieve this, six directors set off across the wold to interview the inhabitants of the planet. The questions chosen for these interviews are the ones which cut across all humanity, everywhere and always: they concern the family, experience tests, what makes us laugh, cry, what gives life meaning, and the like. These portraits are so much individual as they are like us. They stimulate us, move us, and make us look ourselves in a new light. These meetings enrich us by their diversity, by the thoughts they provoke and theprospects they open up. Are we all chasing the same happiness? Are we all facing the same problems?


Yann Arthus-Bertrand and his team visited 65 countries, interviewed 6,000 people, and produced 450 hours of video portraits. The results are inspirational, often heart wrenching, and always compelling.


Here are few quotes from some portraits:


"For everyone to have enough food, receive medical care and have a decent home. That's the good life. When you have everything and your neighbor has nothing, you aren't happy in life."


"Man is made to develop love towards others and family is where he can have his first try. There's no interest in just living for oneself. It's like being a black bulb. You bring light to no one."
-Moscow, Russia


"There is a secret in music. If you have a problem, once you start listening to music, you'll feel the happiness deep down in your heart."
-South Africa


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Visit the online exhibit ›› www.6billionothers.org
The premiere exhibit opened at the Grand Palais in Paris on January 15, 2009.

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