Exhibit Elements


Photo Display

The NYC exhibition will contain 115 large-format photographs that bring into focus the need for sustainable development. A breathtaking collection of large-scale aerial photography by world-renowned, French environmental artist, Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

world map

Walkable World Map

A map of the world helps us visualize the location of the fascinating places around the world where Yann Arthus-Bertrand took his photos. Locations are indicated on the walk-on map together with their geographic coordinates. The map is a favorite playground for children of all ages who learn about geography and other cultures simply by walking it. A lesson about interconnectedness and our home, the world map helps us understand that we are all world citizens.

exhibit for the visually impaired

Touch and See

A unique exhibit within the exhibit conceived by eyewear designer, Alain Mikli, Touch and See allows all of us to experience the world through touch. We see, understand and interpret the image in front of us. See 10 images from the exhibit in tactile and Braile photography. For the first time, people who are visually impaired can access the surprise, drama and emotion of some of the world's most stunning photography.

exhibit for the visually impaired

Inspiration Center

Featuring Yann's behind-the-scenes documentary, films and short video profiles to inspire, entertain and educate, the venue is designed to bring people together to engage, exchange ideas and walk away with a sense of personal empowerment.

exhibit for the visually impaired

Commitment Center

Make your green pledge. Schedule sustainable action through better personal choices and routine. The Commitment Center is the connection between the physical exhibition and the American pubic at large. An on-site extension of our online community, Picture Earth aims to help people take responsibility for the future by making better, more sustainable living choices.


Opening Night & Speaker Series

Our green carpet opening night celebration will take place at Astor Hall at the New York Public Library. Or, join us for a 5-week speaker series starting April 15th at MetLife's new Silver LEED-certified building overlooking the exhibition. Contact us to learn more.


Education Center

Where classes regroup for a 90-minute lesson after an exhibition tour. Sign up to learn more.