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Earth From Above: The Series Draws Record Audience Shares in Japan, London and France

Hosted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the film made for television is a stunning portrait of our planet. Shot in high-definition, Earth From Above: The Series enables viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of our world from their own homes. Inspired by his book and large-scale exhibition of the same name, the program is segmented into four 110-minute parts or eight 52-minute parts. Produced by the France 2 public TV network for $5.5 million, the production focuses on the fragility of Earth's ecosystems and illustrates how easily they are damaged by human activity.


Earth From Above: The Series broadcast and video rights for U.S. television are owned by America Video and Film. Headquartered in Buenos Aires and Los Angeles, America Video and Film is a worldwide distributor of high-profile movies, documentaries and animation to the international TV and video markets.


Established over eighteen years ago, America Video and Film acquires and has released films from many Hollywood studios including Columbia Tri-Star, HBO, New Line, Fireworks, Studios USA, 20th Century Fox Television, CBS, Hallmark, as well as internationally acclaimed production companies around the world.


Program Synopsis

From oceans to mountaintops, from the African savannah to the ice of Antarctica, Yann Arthus-Bertrand takes us on an unforgettable and breathtaking journey to share the splendor of our planet and question its future. This is the story of our beautiful and alive but fragile planet told by passionate men and women throughout the world. In the end, the program becomes a call-to-action for greater awareness, renewed intention, and management of our depleting resources - a global call for sustainable development.

Commenting on the sequences filmed during photo sessions for "Earth From Above," Arthus-Bertrand looks back on the project and his determination to share this vision. Audiences at the Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo outdoor exhibitions talk about their emotions, questions and wishes. Arthus-Bertrand comments, explains the choice of pictures, and tells their story. The photographs, the film's raw matter, are shown in movement (motion control). The viewer travels through the heart of these pictures to contemplate the complex questions they present.

What can the personal vision of a photographer show us? Does the success of this project reveal a growing awareness of ecological issues? Do we feel compelled enough to take action today instead of tomorrow?


International Reviews:
"Remarkable"  TIME OUT
"Beautiful and awe-inspiring"  FILMCRITIC.COM
"A waking dream with the colours of eternity"   FIGAROSCOPE
"An outstanding visual testimony to the world we live in today" BBC

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